KICPAA Webinar on CIFRS 9

by Koem Prek

KICPAA Webinar on CIFRS 9

by Koem Prek

by Koem Prek


Join us to get more insightful information and most updates from our experts will guide you to dig insight into the key classification and measurement concepts under CIFRS 9, how to classify financial assets and when reclassification of financial instruments is possible. Furthermore, to understand fundamental concepts of credit risk, credit losses, the difference between CIFRS 9 and CIFRS for SMEs for Financial Instruments, and the current issues surrounding the application CIFRS 9.

Meet our experts:

1. Mr. Emmanuel A. Guelas, Assurance Partner of ERNST & YOUNG (CAMBODIA) LTD.

2. Mr. James Michael S. Alcantara, Assurance Manager of ERNST & YOUNG (CAMBODIA) LTD.

3. Mr. Virakbuth Thang, Assurance Manager of ERNST & YOUNG (CAMBODIA) LTD.

This webinar is specially designed for

✅ All Financial positions

✅ Accountants

✅ Internal Auditors

✅ External Auditors

✅ Professors, and Instructors.

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